6 ways to make Life Better!

We all go through periods of being low or down - I’m not talking about full blown depression or anxiety (for those you need to seek medical assistance - NOW!)  I’m just talking about that funk we all get in, where we think life is treating us bad.  Well, I’m gonna tell you - you make your own life - you determine how you feel.  And here’s some ways to make it better.


I’ve written a post, or more, on gratitude before.  There are over 31 studies that PROVE the value of Gratitude.  Remember.. Gratitude makes us healthier and happier, improves our self esteem, our sleep, our energy.  Gratitude even makes us look better.! ( shouldn’t tell you that.. you won’t come try out our lasers!!) How can life not be better when your focusing on the positive - what your grateful for - rather than the negative. It doesn’t have to be some amazing, outstanding thing you’re grateful for it can just be the simple everyday things - an amazing cup of coffee, the first time a grandchild says “Nan’s the best!” (Of course she is!), watching the kids play with a new puppy - all of these bring a smile to our face and our hearts.



Up there with Gratitude is forgiveness.  I’ll write you a full blog in forgiveness soon but for now  let’s quote Bernard Meltzer “when you forgive you in no way change the past - but you sure do change the future” and may I add - your future.  I think forgiveness is summed up by the quote that says not forgiving is like drinking poison and hoping the other person dies. (Source unknown) The other person may not even know you have to forgive them for anything.  Just let it go, you’re only hurting yourself. Get on with your own life. 

No One can make you ever feel bad, mad or sad... without your cooperation.png


Perhaps a step on from forgiveness is to send love to someone who has upset you, annoyed you, insulted you.  You have to feel love to send love, so by sending love you change your own mood first.  Go ahead, try it - send love to 2-3 people who have upset you in the last couple days see how it feels after.  You might not notice it straight away but do it every day for a week and then report back.


Walking is good not just for exercise but also for mood.  The part of the brain linked to problem solving is linked to the part of the brain for forward motion.  That’s why when you go for a walk you comeback physically and mentally refreshed.  You might not have solved any of your problems but you’ll have sorted them into their boxes and can hopefully close the lids on them for a while.


The sun makes you feel relaxed and happy.  The theories varies on whether sunlight increases the levels of serotonin - a feel good neurotransmitter in the brain.  Or is it the Vitamin D produces by sunlight on your skin that makes you feel good?Or the warmth? Or the light?  You know what.. who cares.. whatever it is in sunlight it just makes us feel good, so let’s just go enjoy it.. but don’t forget your sunscreen.

6 •  I GET to or I WANT to.. not I HAVE to..

Change it up.. I have to deliver babies at 2am.. I get to deliver babies at 2am (it’s the best job in the world!).  I have to change a dirty nappy.. I GET to change a dirty nappy, I have a wonderful amazing baby!! (That ones a bit tough I know :).. See how many times you find yourself saying “I have to” today.. and see what you can say instead.

With Love

Dr Kris xx


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