As you may have read in ‘our history’, we delivered  200 babies in our first three years and then 150 babies for the past 6 years. We love it!!

We believe the women of Port Lincoln have a unique opportunity, to be able to select the obstetrician of their choice to see for antenatal care through to birth is a model usually only seen in Private settings & costing the family upwards of $5000! 

At Boston Bay FHP we know all too well the expense that comes with a baby! Why add to it - we deliver the highest standards in quality care, and at no out of pocket cost to you, or your baby!! 

Since our inception we have always employed midwives, but in 2012 Marika & Katie Mallard joined the team, and our obstetric patients have reaped the benefits. Not only do we provide a shared care model with Kris and our midwives in the clinic, but these midwives also work in the hospital. Our hope is to give you every chance of your birth being guided and supported by those who have looked after you your entire pregnancy.  If your labour doesn't fall on a day/night when Katie or Marika aren’t rostered, don't be alarmed - Port Lincoln hospital has an amazing midwifery team sure to look after you and baby, right up until you’re ready to go home! 

Katie, and soon to be Marika, deliver the complete package, with post natal care & home visits upon discharge for 6 weeks postnatal, we aim for day 3, day 5, day 7, day 10, then weekly, but this it individually tailored to your needs and wishes. Our midwives are rostered in clinic four days a week, in addition to our amazing nursing team, all providing immunisations, lactation advice, weight checks, counselling & general information!

We encourage mums to drop in for weight and height checks, or at any stage they might need some extra love and support! 

We think our obstetrics services are second to none & extremely proud of what we have achieved as a team! 


From the moment we found out we were pregnant the BBFHP couldn’t have done more for us. They welcomed my husband and I into their clinic with open arms. From the welcoming friendly faces of the reception staff, to the amazing services the nurses, midwives and doctors provided and continue to provide; we could not recommend this practice enough. 

The obstetric service that BBFHP provides is outstanding. The appointment schedule means that you get to connect with Dr Bascomb but also two very knowledgeable midwives in Katie and Marika. Being first time parents it certainly eased any nerves we had, so much so that my husband and I looked forward to every appointment. Dr Bascomb and the team included my husband in all appointments which is so important as the journey into parenthood is a partnership. All appointments were personalised, comfortable and very informative.

Dr Bascomb's positive approach to all appointments made every one of them enjoyable. So much so that we now find ourselves missing having the appointments! Each one provided thorough detail and Dr Bascomb was happy to answer all of our questions. 

When it came to my birth plan I had every confidence I didn’t need one because I had her. The birth of our baby girl Willa Belle is one that my husband and I will never forget. Dr Bascomb and her team played a huge part in this memory and ensured that it progressed as smoothly as possible. There isn’t a strong enough word to describe her passion and compassion towards her job and her patients. Not only is she an outstanding doctor she is a beautiful lady. Dr Bascomb works with her two midwives Katie and Marika closely to ensure that all information is shared. Katie and Marika not only supported us during our pregnancy but also continued to do so during the birth and after. Katie conducted our home visits for six weeks post birth. This service is one that not just any practice offers. With the home visits it meant that the relationship that was formed during the pregnancy could continue. Taking Willa home was not at all daunting because I knew we had the support of Katie. Nothing was too hard for Katie, she would go out of her way to ensure all visits suited us all. Being able to connect with her regularly meant that our transition into parenthood was an enjoyable and positive experience. 

We loved the whole pregnancy experience and this is predominately because of the amazing ladies at BBFHP. The families of Port Lincoln and surrounding areas are so lucky to have access to the work of such a family-friendly, professional and caring establishment.