Children & Babies

Our extensive obstetric services has resulted in well over 1000 paediatric patients in 10 years, not to mention all the children that we haven’t delivered that have become patients of our Practice over those years.

Our patient demographic is quite unique to our clinic, being that over 30% of our population is under 15.

We are not a specialised paediatric service, however our doctors and nursing staff are well aware those little one’s in our life can be extra challenging when unwell or going through difficult stages in their life.

Our GPs & nurses have a soft spot for kids, nearly all of them having children, & some with grandchildren,  themselves.

At Boston Bay Family Health Practice we can provide all childhood immunisations, including catch up schedules and missed school based immunisations. We routinely provide healthy kids checks for 3.5-4 year olds who are due to start kindergarten.

We can help with eating, sleeping, teething, toilet training, learning delays, chronic health management and much, much more. When we reach our limitations, we always have the help of qualified and experienced specialists we can refer you and you child to if and when necessary! 

We know growing up has its challenges, & in todays world, with the prevalence of technology and social media, these challenges are amplified, being extremely difficult, and scary, to navigate alone, for both parents & kids.

Our doctors are equipped with skills and training to assist parents and children navigate this journey together with confidence. Additionally we also have gratitude and reflection resources that can assist all of our patients with their every day journey in life. 

Taking time out at the end of each day to reflect on what was good, and how some things could have been done better, is a great tool for raising strong, healthy and well adjusted children! 

We are here to help if you or your children need some assistance, or even just some reassurance! 


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