One from Sal while Kris is relaxing in NZ (lucky thing)!!

I recently went to a workshop on Practice administration, dealing with difficult patients (don't worry we don't have those) and navigating conflict and difficult conversations. There was one session that really stuck with me.. are you mindful or is your mind full?  Marion McKay, a well respected leader in Human resource management of the health care industry in Australia ran these sessions for us, and has written this article on Mindful or Mindfull.  How beautifully written & that quote “Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, it only saps today of its joy.”!!!

I sat eating tea tonight, with my 2 year old giving his usual running commentary on all things important to a two year old, and my 6 month old spitting his vegetables all over the table.  There I was, completely caught up in a thousand different thoughts, so full was my mind, that I actually responded to a question my husband asked me... but I have absolutely NO idea what he asked me, and I have absolutely NO idea what my response was. 

The only indication husband had even said something to me was a half laugh and shake of the head, who then refused (in jest) to repeat the question. Horrified at myself and trying to find recompense for my actions, I put my thoughts away for the night, and replanted myself in the current moment.

I wonder how often we walk through our days completely self absorbed. I don't mean self absorbed in a conceited and arrogant way, but in a unconscious manner.


How do we take those fancy facebook quotes and Chinese Proverbs and put them into practice? How do we become more mindful in our every day lives? Don't look to me, I've got no idea, but looks like i might need to start trying!!

The Huffington Post ran an article in 2014 on 13 things mindful people do everyday, the two that resonated with me the most were:

 "They know when to NOT check their phones" and have specific parameters for usage. Definitely something we can all work on - I know i need reminders on this one every day.


"They UNI task" - Oh but! How good are we at multi tasking... Pro! How good are we at uni-tasking - ah sorry, what even is that? How would i get a single thing done all day? but how the quality would improve if our focus was reserved for a sole task, person, conversation...

&  one for good luck, "they remember not to take themselves too seriously."

 Have a not so serious, seriously wonderful and mindful day x


Comic by Gemma Correll

Sal redden