Gratitude rocks!

Gratitude Rocks

Gratitude - The quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness

We show gratitude all the time, don’t we? Thank you to the shop assistant who takes our money.. thank you to our partner for making us a cup of tea.. thank you to some one at the office.

But did you know GRATITUDE is a skill? and do you know how powerful gratitude can be when we use it properly?

There are more than 40 research studies that show the benefits of GRATITUDE and more than 31 benefits.  Never one to waste time or reinvent the wheel, I’m going to send you over to the website for the fine details, but for now you need to know...

  1. gratitude makes us happier
  2. gratitude makes us healthier 
  3. gratitude increases our self esteem
  4. gratitude improves your sleep
  5. gratitude improves your energy
  6. gratitude makes you look better

Head over to and read the full 31 reasons and the evidence behind them.


So how do we do this GRATITUDE? It takes just 5 minutes a day and it’s so simple you won’t believe that it has so many benefits (until you start seeing them that is.. but give it a few weeks, you won’t see changes overnight)

  • Grab a gratitude journal and write down what your grateful for
  • Grab a gratitude rock (hence the title of the article), sit quietly and use the rock to focus on what your grateful for
  • Open a document or file on your smartphone and keep a record.  There’s even some gratitude journal apps in the App Store
  • Simply lay quietly in bed first thing you wake up or last thing before you go to sleep and just think about what your grateful for.

It can be a bit harder than you think.. start with three things you’re grateful for and work up to 10 a day (if you can find more, go for it!)

Your GRATITUDES don’t have to be the most amazing things possible.. they can be as simple as simple.. just things you enjoyed, appreciate, value.. they can be long term (I am GRATEFUL for my 5 beautiful Grandchildren).. they can be short term (I am GRATEFUL for the cup of coffee I have in my hand right now).. they can even be future GRATITUDES (I am GRATEFUL that the Baby Expo is going to be an amazing show).. but more about future gratitudes in a future post.

For now, each day, spend five minutes thinking about what your grateful for, see them in your mind, re-experience the positive emotions you felt with them at the time.. and watch your life change.  

Have a great day and we’ll see you soon

Dr Kris 


Jess Scholz