Welcome to Simply Happy


Welcome.. Just a couple of comments before we start..

  1.  I am only hoping to make people feel good and help them through their day. This blog site doesn’t take the place of formal counselling. If your mood is deteriorating, your worried about yourself, or others are worried about you.. please seek professional care.

  2. The ideas and information in this blog are an adjunct to any current counselling or medication. Please do not cease counselling or medication without discussing the issue with your current care providers.

  3. If you have any thoughts of self harm or suicide please SEEK PROFESSIONAL HELP NOW.. There are many services you can contact where ever in the world you are, and everyone has a Family Doctor close by.. make an urgent appointment.

For those of you close to us, we prioritise mental health and our Reception Staff know their confidentiality. Please give us a ring or drop in..

Boston Bay Family Health Practice
10 New West Road
Port Lincoln SA 5606
PH: 863 1800

Dr Kris

Dr Kris Bascomb and Sally Redden
Jess Scholz