Why & What.. Laser Launch

Lasers!! Why??

How does that fit with Mums and Babies and General practice?  Different, I know, but life takes us in different directions – sometimes they’re planned, sometimes they’re a detour that leads to a whole new freeway – such as the lasers.

There are two main reasons.  Firstly, if you attended the launch you would have already heard this – “it's all about me!” (Kris).  With my past history of Breast Cancer and the medications you have to take, and the medications you can't take, ageing comes a lot harder.. and looking aged becomes a lot easier.  And I am not happy with that! So began a journey to find ways to slow or turn back the ageing – safe and effective ways. Even more, we wanted options that encouraged the body to slow the ageing itself, not just cover it.

Over the past few years we have studied Cosmetic Medicine and fallen in love with the lasers – because they do everything we want a good product to do.  Lasers encourage the skin to regenerate its own collagen and elastin. Lasers are good enough to heal skin problems not only improve skin condition.

The second reason, is we see women whose bodies are changed by childbirth. Most of the time these changes are small but sometimes they are not so small.. and not so innocent.  It’s easy to say we should accept the changes that childbirth causes to our shape like we should accept the changes that children bring to our lives. But when those changes threaten who we are, how we feel about ourselves and how we live our lives then that’s not acceptable.  

Women have been expected to “lose” themselves for the sake of the family for far too many decades now.. that’s not acceptable either.  A happy, self actualised woman makes a far better mother than one who continually gives in and gives up.. And we think a better partner! 


"It's not about Perfection... We can't offer you that...

...It's not even about indulging in vanity - there's far more benefits to looking good than that. This is just a kick start to encourage you to look after yourself, your health & well being." - Dr Kris

Our aim is to give you just enough of the superficial confidence to light the spark within yourself, It's amazing what just a glance in the mirror with a clearer fresher skin can do, Imagine the feeling when we can erase that life long scar, rejuvenate that stretched saggy tummy or rewind the clock on those smile & laugh lines.

Where am I going with this... looking good = feeling good... about yourself, about your life, about everything you do!!

Lasers are about looking good... Looking good is about mental health and well-being..

So now we can help with looking and feeling better by:

  • Improving surgical Scars

  • Making stretch marks less prominent

  • Removing broken capillaries & vessels

  • Reducing Acne scarring

  • Removing Fine lines and wrinkles

  • Abnormal Redness (Rosacea)

  • Abnormal pigmentation (yep, even your freckles if you don’t like them)

  • Stubborn pockets of fat

  • Tattoo removal

  • We may even be able to help with improvement of loose skin


We needed to make sure we are giving our patients Real Results. We wanted to ensure our treatments would accentuate Real Beauty from within. And we wanted it to be about a Real you. Your body healing and reversing damage & aging. The Real Beautiful You being brought to life, your true personality, your inner light - not a dimmed version because you're not confident in the skin you are in.

So we didn't go into this lightly. We wanted top grade medical equipment. Equipment that is FDA Cleared (america) and TGA listed (Australia) - clinical trials of 12+ years, from the market leaders and innovators of laser technology - Cynosure. Full credit to Kylie, Ingrid, Sandra & Roxanne - they have been amazing & continue to be amazing! 

Our training days with the Cynosure Experts, we're full of laughter, an immense about of learning, and lots of guinea pigs! It was such a thrill to see how amazing this machinery is - already the results are outstanding & motivated us all to take care of our skin... with just one treatment we've got Sally to moisturize & exfoliate (something she hasn't done since the birth of her first child).

Seeing one of our own reception transition into a clinical role has been heart warming - she's taken to it like a duck to water - blossomed! And our nurses who already have clinical skills now have more enjoyment in their work. To quote Emma "who could have thought physics could be this much fun?!" & Gabbi "Its going to be amazing seeing the results on patients & the lives we change". 

training - 5 girs.jpg

Bright Future...

So bright we have to wear glasses!

In coming weeks we’ll discuss some of these issues in more detail, & tell you about our expanding skin care range - we have Alchemellia for babies, and soon to be Alchemellia for adults skin care - Incorporating post laser care.

Dr Kris xx

Sal redden