In house Community Midwifery

In 2016 Katie Mallard completed her eligible midwifery degree & we began our community mid services, somewhat relieving pressure on an understaffed community mid program run by the hospital. 

For the past 12 months we have been doing our own home visits for day 3,5 & 10 and then weekly till bubs is 6 weeks old (individually tailored to meet mum's needs). We have had such a great response with 100% of our mums signing on the services (unless living in a different township).

Marika Giddings is soon to also be an eligible midwife as we expend the service to incorporate both midwives. We absolutely love that our practice can provide this much needed service, from antenatal appointments, to labour and birth, and then postnatal check-ups for mum & baby in the comfort of your own house, at no charge to the patient.

Katie, and soon Marika, will have you all sorted for your post-natal home visit’s before your last visit here at the clinic, and our administration team will make sure your appointments are booked in as soon as we hear baby is earth side – meaning... mum, you don’t have to worry about a thing except loving up that adorable little addition to your family. 

Both Marika and Katie are also employed by Port Lincoln hospital, maximising the continuity of care. We hope every mum giving birth is lucky enough to have either Katie or Marika present as well as Kris. Even though all of the midwife staff at PLH are amazing, how great is it to have someone they feel comfortable and confident in, and who has provided plenty of antenatal care throughout their pregnancy, by their side for the birth! I know I found having Katie & Marika around during labour paramount to the successful birth of both of my children – I couldn’t have done it without them, and of course mum, aka Dr Kris/Nan.

Our services were featured in the following obstetric magazine, page 11 & 12 & we hope can be replicated in rural townships across the nation!

Jess Scholz