From Sal & Kris

Sal's Perspective

The past 6 months have been fun, busy & at times frustrating..

Gosh, some days we just got nothing right.. forgot the calendula.. forgot the essential oils.. forgot the preservative.. 

But working as a Mother and daughter for the past 10 years has forced us to laugh at ourselves - if one of us was having a bad day, the other was there to point and laugh, & then encourage. Nothing A deep breath & some resilience can’t fix! carry on girl - you got this! 

Dr Kris' epic fail involving the mix master!

Dr Kris' epic fail involving the mix master!


The only way to fail is to give up - and we ain't quitters - dreamers maybe but not quitters!! 

We’ve learned that two heads, looking from different perspectives, is a blessing, which we have used our different experiences, mum to young children & Doctor to many,  to bounce idea’s and develop more and more products.

We’ve laughed at our differences, & scared ourselves silly at our similarities, and then been dumbfounded at the smallest ironies.

One day I bought some new bath bomb moulds from Kmart - little duckies - on the very same day Kris had added calendula to the mixture turning them from a fawn colour to bright yellow - how these things have fallen into place are beyond even efforts.


Kris’s perspective...

The duckies were the bomb actually.. the bath bomb!!!  How cool are they!! And how cool was it.. I accidentally put calendula in the bath bomb mix making it yellow.. uh oh.. but in walks Sal with Duckie molds!! It was meant to be..

Yellow Duckies are the bomb!

Yellow Duckies are the bomb!


..and there is a lot that’s happened over the last 10 years that was “meant to be”.. being coerced into setting up our own practice (best thing ever).. having to move from the first practice into this larger building (even better).. adding an extention (better still).

It would be nice to say I’m calm enough to believe the  “wrong turns” turn into the “right turns” even though they seem like the “wrong turns” at the time.. but I’m not.. Luckily, most of the time, Sal is.. “don’t over react Mother, it’s not that big a deal”.. and if in occasions she over reacts, well, I get payback ☺️ But that’s what keeps it cruising.. keeps the balance on the seesaw.  When I was a child, my grandparents had this little weather house where if it was fair weather the girl would come out and if it was rainy the boy would come out.. that’s how we roll.. always someone at the front and someone behind holding things together.. then the next day it swaps.

Little Weather House

Little Weather House

But it would be nice is she gave me Creative lead.. I’ve had a lot of good ideas for products that she canned even before I’ve got them off the drawing board.. I know I’m not gonna get a chance to make it if Sal’s response is “oh Good Lord!!”