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Alchemellia Original Range

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Alchemellia Hemp Infused Range

Well we made it. After 2 years of talking about how Kris is going to develop a baby range – She finally did it – with a little nudge from me (Sal)  and a deadline provided by the Port Lincoln baby Expo hosted by Little Bags of Hope in November 2017!!!

Kris has been dabbling with Soap making for a few years now and when I had my first son, Jax, he got a nasty nappy rash that nothing seemed to work on. That’s when Kris came along and said, “I can fix that” and made a bum cream – which amazingly cleared the rash overnight. A few days later I developed a nasty cracked nipple & Mum said “put the bum cream on it” – my response is probably a bit graphic to put in words as I didn’t think the idea was very pleasant. However, seeing the wonders it worked on nappy rash & not one to ever, ever disobey my mum!!;)  - I indulged her & tried the cream. To my disbelief – the next morning it was so much better I was able to feed on that side again. 

It has since been dubbed titty titty bum bum. Although Kris tried as hard as she could to provide another name, it’s stuck, but we did let her shorten it to TTBB – even though we affectionally always refer to this miracle cream as titty titty bum bum cream. 

Since the miracle cream Kris has had many more product ideas and developed and added to our range, mostly making token items for me, wanting lotions and baby soaps that smell like baby powder, what a divine scent!  And Kris moving slowly into her niche of hydrating creams and balms that help mums combat those every day skin problems babies face.

We spent the first couple years just giving away samples for patients to try & after constantly having them come back and ask when we can buy it, I decided it was time. Time to share these products, and not keep them all for myself. Fast forward 2 years, and here we all are wondering where Kris gets the time and what can’t this woman do?

I’ve been so lucky and blessed to have children with beautiful skin- solely due to having “nans creams” since day one. My husband suffered from horrible eczema as a child and mum always assured me she would be able to make a cream to fix anything we came across & she well and truly delivered. I won't pretend to know the struggle some of our amazing mums go through with babies & their skin problems. 

What I do know, is that these amazing products have all been developed from our passion to provide mums with chemical free, natural and organic product - and most of all products without the nasties that actually HELP. At the end of the day, all we want to do is help our mums & their little loved ones. 

Our logo design, and this stunning website, was designed by Jess Scholz of Pare Design – we can’t thank her enough for her professional touch which encouraged us to step up the ball game. 

The response to Kris’s products has been overwhelming… We’ve sold out of our ever popular Eaze Crème not once, not twice, but three times already – and so many positive reviews and successful reponses which is really encouraging.

We can’t thank you enough for all your feedback, love & support, it means the world to us!



Sal redden