What are breast milk probiotics?

  • Probiotics are beneficial for “good” bacteria that are found naturally throughout our bodies.

  • When the balance of pathogenic, or “bad ”bacteria is high, it can cause issues such as infection, digestive problems, compromised immunity and mood disturbances.

  • Probiotic bacteria found in breast milk which is the first food for human life. These probiotics possess unique qualities that help set up our immune system for life, and at the same time protect the mum and the growing infant from infection and digestive problems.

What is the Microbiome?

  • The microbiome is the term used to describe the ‘community’ of microbes (mostly bacteria but also virues, fungus, yeasts etc) that live in & on our bodies.

  • These microbial cells outnumber our human cells by ten to one! It’s crucial to have high levels of beneficial bacteria for this community to function effectively.

  • Themicrobiomeimpactsourhealthonmanylevels–everything from digestive and immune function, to mood and behaviour.

Why is the microbiome important in pregnancy and breastfeeding?

  • During conception an pregnancy, a woman’s body undergoes many changes and the health of her microbiome can have a significant impact on mother and her baby’s overall health, development and wellbeing.

  • An infant’ smicrobiome begins developing in the womb, is further impacted by delivery method and continues its development during breast feeding and is fully formed by age three.

  • It is therefore essential that mothers have a healthy and robust microbiome before and during pregnancy, birth and lactation. 


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