On the 03/04/19, A Current Affair ran an amazing story about the dangers of laser treatments. Laser Equipment is NOT regulated in SA - this means any Bob, Jane or Harry can purchase a laser machine off the shelf and operate it with little training, certainly none that is legally required - HOW SCARY!!

If you missed it - have a look here:

We 100% applaud “A Current Affair” for bringing the dangers of laser procedures being done by untrained clinics to the forefront. The industry definitely needs some regulation and a big overhaul!!

Some clinics would be quick to victim blame & say the patient was dishonest about their sun exposure or tanning etc etc. While this can often be the case, it is also a general lack of qualified training, misuse or unavailability of quality equipment and, usually, the lack of medical input.. these three factors combined with patient not understanding the complications of sun exposure, compounds and leaves patients with these horrible and usually avoidable reactions.

At Boston Bay we believe laser PROCEDURES should be done in close conjunction with a GP due to the complications that can arise when used inappropriately. We have purchased state of the art laser equipment developed by the leading aesthetic equipment manufacturers, Cynosure. Cynosure equipment is FDA Approved and TGA Listed - which for cynosure, involved decades of clinical studies and trials proving the technology delivers safe and effective treatments. We think all laser equipment should be FDA approved and TGA listed - but there is no legal requirement for this in the laser manufacturing industry.

With this amazing equipment we had weeks of initial training, including pre-reading of 3 massive training manuals, and lessons in physics and biology to ensure we understood the process of what happens to the body. We even had to sit tests!!! We also have training refreshers every 3-6 months with Cynosure. We love that the manufacturers are the trainers. We can not train each other, we can not train new staff - the training has to come from Cynosure.

On top of these training requirements, we have monthly meetings where we look over our patient management, case studies, clinical trials and also skype session with Cynosure experts, who are all readily available to help us determine the best treatment method. Having 3 different Lasers ensures we can apply the best technique for each unique presentation -rather than jsut the one solution fits all.

All of this unlimited access and training, helps to improve our knowledge and skills, as well as keeping us up to date with the latest clinical guidelines for treating skin presentations and conditions. For example we have recently updated our treatment for melasma in line with amazing case studies and clinical trials in America/UK.

We are not a beauty clinic, to us you are patients, not clients. Yes, we might be penalised for lacking the general fancy & fluff that you may expect to receive, e.g relaxing facials and infused tea (we’re working it) - but our job is to provide quality, safe and effective treatments that give REAL RESULTS!!

We also use a skintel reader! “WHAT IS THAT?” you might ask. The skintel reader is an amazing piece of equipment, the only FDA cleared melanin reader, that takes the guess work out of diagnosing your skin type. It helps us confidently decide what treatment fluence & pulse length we should deliver to your skin for treatment effectiveness and safety.

We use this in every area - if your are coming for a facial we test both your face and your decolletage, each test requires three different readings and gives an average score which we then use to customise the settings accordingly.

Why is this necessary? Your body is unique, In fact each limb on your body is unique. If we treat your legs which are bronzed and beautiful, and then treat your face where you have worn sunscreen on your entire life, the treatment wont be effective as the settings are too light. If we went the other way we might cause a burn as the settings will be too strong.

Even with formal skin training, dermatologist, therapists and technicians will often diagnose a skin type different to what a skintel reader will. This crucial technology ensures we get accurate results every time, every patient.


Your body is unique!

Our Skintel takes the guess work out of diagnosing your skin type

Another reason to choose Boston Bay for your laser treatments - we always take a thorough medical history which is checked by a doctor, who also checks over your pigmentation and moles to ensure you don’t have any skin lesions that we need to stay away from. We cannot cause cancer or worsen it with any of our lasers - But the laser may change the lesion or take away the colour that helps a doctor diagnose skin conditions, such as melanomas and skin cancers.

What SHOULD you expect from your chosen laser clinic:


  • Are Trained clinicians competing your procedure?

  • Do they Test Patch?

  • Skin Type diagnosis - ask you’re aesthetician what Skin Type you are and How they came to that diagnosis.

  • Do they check your skin care regime? ( You shouldn’t be using actives on your skin for 7 days before or after a Laser Procedure

  • Do they check, and recheck, your medical history thoroughly before each procedure?

  • Do they ask, better yet - implore you to be honest, about your sun exposure and fake tan application? It’s all for your benefit.

  • Do they give you realistic expectations - if any clinic offers you instant 100 % guaranteed results - RUN AWAY!


Get your own GP opinion, in some instances we do not have access to your entire medical record, is always advisable to check with your own GP and see if they can foresee any issues with your undertaking an laser PROCEDURE!

Get a quote and check this against other Laser Clinics - does it reflect the capabilities of the clinic and equipment. Laser Procedures are not a “get rich quick scheme”. When you spend minimal cash on a laser, you can expect minimal results and maximum risk!! Boston Bay Family Health Practice has made over half of a million dollars investment into our laser equipment and we still try to match or better Adelaide prices!

What Equipment are they using? Ask for a brochure - research the equipment online. Here at BBFHP we are proud the equipment we use - we supply our patients with the information on our machines and what they can offer which comes directly from CynoSure! But there are some machines that can be as cheap as $20k - these are dangerous and ineffective. You are wasting your time & money!

Always ask questions - we can not stress this enough We are always happy to answer any questions and offer free no obligation consultations, there are always risks with performing Laser Procedures. At Boston Bay Family Health Practice, we have a the amazing PicoSure machine, which is extremely safe and can treat ALL skin types, but approximately 1 in 10000 patients will still have a hives reaction. Some adverse reactions are unavoidable, and are usually resolved with a few months. So, please make sure you understand the risks!! And dont forget the down time - when we say redness and swelling for 7-10, days - we mean it.

We would much rather you spend 2 hours with us, asking every question you can thinking of and ensuring you are in safe and capable hands, rather than jump in and regret your decision!

Are the result expectations realistic? - Laser Procedures, whilst AMAZING, are very much a slow and steady process, you need approximately 5 treatments to see quality results. Unfortunately you will not wake up in the morning and instantly look 10 years younger!! Generally the optimum time is 6-12 weeks post a treatment to see the total effects - The Laser procedure is stimulating your own body to do all the work, it’s not the Laser itself.

We hope after a consultation with Boston Bay Family Health Practice you can rest assured the investment you make in your skin and laser procedure is in capable and competent hands.

Sal redden