Boston Bay Family Health Practice are thrilled to be offering medical grade laser treatments.

Our Mantra is:

Real You.  Real Beauty.  Real Results. 

We only offer treatments that are FDA approved and TGA listen ensuring we are offering clinically proven results that will do what we say they will do. We make no guarantee’s as each an every body is unique, and therefore our results are unique, however we have seen amazing results with our treatments and we keep coming back to have it on ourselves.

The process started well over 3 years ago when Dr Kris began studying aesthetic medicine through training in Skin Cancer management. Kris has been training in aesthetic medicine in over 3 years and in August 2018 decided to invest into three aesthetic lasers, which can treat almost anything.

We chose to purchase our equipment from the market leaders in aesthetic laser equipment, CynoSure - We are extremely proud of our relationship and partnership with CynoSure in this journey. Not unlike ourselves, CynoSure have proven to be result and patient experience driven, not financially. Other than to keep Dr Kris looking youthful and fresh, Our aim was to provide women with ways to claim back their body and confidence. Being mothers, and grandmothers, we know the ravages pregnancy and childbirth has on a body, and whilst we wear motherhood with pride, sometimes the battle scars are a little tougher to swallow, and the changes in our bodies can have a massive effect on our confidence, mental health and sometimes even our self worth. These treatments are designed to use your own body’s healing power to stimulate and encourage healing and regeneration - to help you look great & fee great!! You can read more about what and why here…

Our machines can treat anything from scars, skin laxity, stubborn fat, tattoo’s, stretchmarks, pigmentation, broken facial vessels, melasma and more.