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 There is now an all natural, non pharmaceutical, treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Rejuvenate your sex life and you marriage!!

The P-Shot® [Priapus Shot®] should result in the following…

  • Immediately larger

  • Strengthen the penis

  • Straighten the penis

  • Increase circulation within the penis for a healthier organ.

  • Make other therapies work better (if you still need Viagra or Cialis, then it will work better for you).

  • Increase sensation and pleasure (helps correct the damage from diabetes).

  • Proven to work in multiple studies

    without allergic reactions, lumpiness & with little to no pain (due to topical anaesthetic)

*results may vary*

Dr Kris is the only Registered, Certified and Qualified provider of the P-Shot® in South Australia. This unique procedure, developed by Dr Charles Runels, is rapidly gaining recognition as a effective treatment for men suffering from sexual dysfunction.

We also offer the O-Shot® for stress incontinence and sexual dysfunction in women.

You can read about this amazing treatment here.

Why not book together and get a his and hers sexual rejuvenation at a discounted price!




Impotence and erectile dysfunction affects up to 1 million men in Australia, from a range of physical and psychological causes. Physical Factors that can contribute to Erectile Dysfunction are general ageing, lifestyle choices such as increased alcohol and smoking, health conditions such as diabetes, medical treatments especially for prostate cancer, reduced blood flow to the penis and many more. Psychological factors can include anxiety and depression, stress and conflict within a sexual and emotional relationship. It is common for a man with erectile dysfunction to be affected by a combination of the above physical and psychological causes.

The P-Shot ® can increase the length and girth of the penis, as well as the overall hardness of an erection, increasing the sexual potential. It goes without saying this has a psychological factor, giving the patient a significant boost in confidence. The P-Shot ® can also be used in combination with prescription medications such as Viagra or Cialis.


The Steps of the Priapus Shot®:

First the doctor or nurse applies a topical anaesthetic (strong numbing cream) to the penis. Blood is drawn from the arm, just like when you have a blood test done, and then placed in a centrifuge and a specialised (FDA Cleared) tube to isolate the platelet rich plasma. The process takes about 10 minutes whilst the numbing cream takes effect. The P.R.P. is then transferred into a syringe and then with a very fine needle, it is injected into the penis in 5 specific locations. Because the penis has been numbed, the man feels little to no pain.

We may use a minute amount of calcium chloride mixed into your PRP - this thickens the PRP and ensure’s the platelets are kept in the tissue of the penis, & not released into your blood stream with your first erection.

Immediately the patient will see a increase in size due to the volume of liquid injected. Over the next three days some of the volume will be absorbed by the body, however the platelets will continue to work over the next three months, and can return back to the size seen immediately after the injection.

We recommend a second treatment within three months for optimal results.


Although each man’s experience can be different, here is a list of some of the things

our patients have told us they experiences after having The P-Shot®:

  • Immediately larger penis

  • Stronger, straighter erections.

  • Greater arousal & increased libido

  • Increased Circulation for a healthier organ.

  • Increased sensation and pleasure.

Using the patients own blood, and a FDA cleared & TGA listed specialised tube to optimise the platelet collection process, ensures we have little to no adverse reactions from this procedure.



Whilst all staff are covered by and practice the highest level of confidentiality, we also acknowledge it can be daunting to book an appointment for a P-Shot® (especially if you know us) - so simply book online here. Or call our friendly reception staff and ask for a PRP appointment with Dr Kris - we offer a range of PRP procedures - from facials, to skin laxity and more.

Dr Kris can even take payment for your procedure in the room, so none of the staff will even know what you are coming in for.

There is a $250 consultation fee, which is payable upon booking, but redeemable on any PRP or Laser Procedure (or medicare in some instance - but not both).

If you are calling from Adelaide, or outside of Port Lincoln, we are able to organise a Skype consult to see if you are eligible for the procedure. The $250 consultation fee will need to be made upon booking and is redeemable on the procedure.


We are not allowed to advertise any regular discounted pricing we have, as a certified provider we follow strict guidelines - Book an Appointment to discuss this. However as an indication, the recommended retail pricing is approx $1900 AUD for the first procedure and $1100 for the second procedure (within three months of the 1st treatment).

We do not offer finance for these treatments, however we often run routine specials and discounts, and host VIP nights with amazing discounts - make sure you follow our facebook page & have joined our email list to stay up to date with our latest events & information.