Inspirational Stones

Inspirational Stones


Engraved Inspirational Stones (12 Different Words)

  • Stones engraved, not etched or printed

It isn't always easy to express how we feel with words, and give messages the weight we think they deserve. Our pre-engraved assorted inspirational stones feature popular motivational words including “Believe,” “Breathe,” “Courage,” “Dream,” “Gratitude,” “Hope,” “Imagine,” “Inspire,” “Integrity,” “Love,” “Peace,” “Serenity” and “Strength,”. This way, you're always ready to relate your thoughts in a memorable and beautiful way.

 At 1 to 2 inches, these polished river stones are great for display or keeping in a pocket or purse. The black engraved words won't wear off, and the natural colors evoke warmth and durability.


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