Hemp Goat Oat & Aloe Baby Bastille Soap

Hemp Goat Oat & Aloe Baby Bastille Soap

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A light, soft everyday liquid soap infused with hydrating hemp seed oil finished with chamomile and lavender for that natural organic feel. fresh, clean & cuddly.. Cleansing baby’s skin while keeping natural oils intact.

Can be used for older children as well as adults as a simple safe & totally natural body wash.

Perfectly compliments our Hemp baby Lotion. If you prefer a delicate, but delicious scent, try our Original Bastille soap and lotion which is finished with a baby powder fragrance.

(not 100% eye friendly so take caution — we’re working on it)

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Directions: Use 1-2 pumps daily to wash baby head to toe. Use with our Hemp Baby Lotion to have that baby skin soft, smooth & smelling soothed & relaxed, ready to sleep all night long. 

Ingredients: Water, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Hemp seed Oil, Sweet Almond oil, Castor Oil, sodium lactate, Glycerin, Goats Milk Powder, Aloe Gel, Natural Yogurt, Oat Extract, Natural preservative, blend of essential oils 1%